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My fictional trilogy was originally entitled Mine, Yours, Ours, and New Beginnings is part one of this trilogy.

 The story is written as a blog from the perspective of Tasha Arden, a 31-year-old single woman living in Cheshire. 

Six months ago, Tasha lived with her Mum and thought she was in love with boyfriend Gavin. After her Mum died, Tasha moved into a rented flat and started a new job. Now, struggling to move on after her acrimonious break-up with Gavin, Tasha starts the new year with a new blog and plenty of plans. She has good friends, a great social life, and lots to look forward to.

Working for a children’s charity which provides short-term accommodation for teenagers with family difficulties, Tasha loves her job. She also loves music, food, sex, and clothes (not necessarily in that order), and she’s got a huge crush on her boss. Unable to do anything about it or to tell anyone, because her boss is happily married, Tasha pours her thoughts and feelings into her blog.  Tragedy heralds a series of new beginnings ... and some unexpected endings.

Don't be misled by the opening pages - this is not a romantic comedy.

New Beginnings by Johanna Nield

Update: September 2019
I am rewriting and updating books two and three of the trilogy with the aim of combining them to form the sequel to New Beginnings. The follow-on - originally intended to be book four - is still a work in progress.

I welcome all feedback, negative as well as positive, so please let me know what you think of it in the 'Comments' box below.

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